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Here at Anti-IF Programming, we’re on a mission: shake up the software world and clear the haze of complexities. Born from a challenge thrown down at an XP Conference back in 2007, our journey has been anything but ordinary. But then, so has been the mind behind this movement.

The Pioneer: Francesco Cirillo

Francesco Cirillo

A household name in Extreme Programming, the creator of the world-renowned Pomodoro® Technique, and the heart of Cirillo Consulting - Francesco has donned many hats. With an innate knack for finding ways to achieve more in less time, he has shaped and mentored software practices for over two decades. From startups to Fortune 500s, Francesco’s touch has transformed software teams around the globe.

While diving deep into these software oceans, one thing became evident to Francesco - the overwhelming and often unnecessary complexities developers added to their systems. From this revelation, a spark was ignited. The Anti-IF Campaign was born.

The Evolution of Anti-IF

  • Era of Awareness (2007): It began as a provocation. Francesco threw down the challenge, and the community responded. The glaring issue with uncontrolled IFs was spotlighted, creating a momentum that saw support from legendary figures like Kent Beck and Craig Larman.
  • Era of Proactivity (2011): We didn't just want to talk; we wanted to act. The Anti-IF Workshop was crafted, turning insights into action. With each workshop tailored to a unique functionality, we started delving into the decision-making psyche of developers.
  • Era of Strategy (2023): The game has now changed. It's no longer just about the IFs; it's about the 'IF Strategy'. We're diving into the psychological undercurrents that prompt hasty decisions, leading to the proverbial "just put an IF."
    Curious about the journey from its roots to its current form, straight from Francesco's perspective? Dive into the full story here.

Fuelling the Future

The proceeds from our workshops and that super-cool merchandise you see? Part of them is channelled right back into the cause, helping to fund free university lectures, foster research, and ensure the Anti-IF flame keeps burning bright.

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