Pong Unchained: Mastering Anti-IF Game Development

Building the Classic Pong Game Without the Chains of Conditional Statements

A 4-day course by Francesco Cirillo // 6 March 2024

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March 6, 2024
at 09:30 am EU/AS/ME or 07:00 pm EU/AM

(Mar 6,7,13,14)


4 interactive days
2 hours of hands-on coding per day


Streamed live, right into your favorite IDE

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Hit the Ball, Not the Wall: Crafting Pong with Anti-IF

As part of the esteemed Anti-IF Labs series, this course encapsulates the essence of the Anti-IF philosophy, translating principles into practice.
Go beyond the basics, challenge conventions, and witness the power of programming sans constraints.


Introduction: The Anti-IF Approach to Pong

Kickstart the workshop by understanding what Pong is and how we'll break away from conditional shackles to build it.

Ball Movement Without IFs

Implement the ball's movement using polymorphism and design patterns, eliminating the need for conditionals to determine direction or speed.

Paddle Control, The Anti-IF Way

Enable players to control paddles without the clutter of if statements.

Scoring System Unchained

Create a scoring system that updates dynamically based on game events, all without the use of conditionals.

Game States Made Simple

Utilize the State pattern to manage the game's different phases like 'Start', 'Pause', and 'Game Over', all without a single if statement.

Collision Detection, Reimagined

Apply advanced Anti-IF techniques for collision detection between the ball and the walls or paddles.

Game Settings and Configuration

Discover how to build a settings menu that can adjust game features without altering the core logic.

Extra: Adding Features Without Adding IFs

Time permitting, we'll add extra features like multiplayer support or power-ups, maintaining the Anti-IF ethos.

Anti-IF Diploma

Be rewarded with a diploma that vouches for your skills in Anti-IF game development techniques.


Readable Game Code

Make your game source code readable and easy to manage.

Strong Game Design

Implement powerful game architectures that stand the test of time.

Agile Development

Flexibly adapt to new features or changes without the hassle.

Hands-on Experience

Develop an actual Pong game in real-time during this interactive workshop.

Community Support

Join an online community for ongoing support and knowledge sharing.



Francesco Cirillo

Francesco’s journey in software spans over 30 years, influencing startups, corporates, and individual consultants.

A seasoned mentor, he has impacted countless professionals and teams. From his early days with Sun Microsystems to pioneering Agile Methods and creating XPLabs, Francesco's mark on the software industry is profound.

Notably, he's the creator of the groundbreaking Pomodoro Technique, a time management method embraced worldwide, as well as the visionary behind the Anti-IF Programming philosophy, challenging conventional coding practices.


Carlo Garatti

"A game-changing workshop! Learning to build Pong through Anti-IF techniques completely revolutionized how I approach game development."

Alessandro Ruzzon

"The workshop perfectly blends theory with hands-on coding. Building Pong was never this insightful!"

Serve the Ball, Not the Code: The Philosophy Behind Pong Unchained


Meet Joe, a seasoned developer looking to flex his programming muscles. Intrigued by a "Develop Pong in 15 Minutes" YouTube tutorial, he dives right in. Fast-forward 15 minutes, and he has a Pong game! But as he tries to add new features, his neat 50-line game code turns into a 500-line monster filled with if and else statements.

Stuck in a maze of conditionals, Joe stumbles upon a peculiar online workshop: "Pong Unchained: Mastering Anti-IF Game Development." He laughs. "Anti-IF? Impossible," he thinks. But curiosity gets the better of him. He enrolls, still a bit skeptical but intrigued. Day by day, he learns to reimagine what he thought he knew. By the end of the workshop, Joe not only has a working Pong game but one with clean, orderly code. He also earns an Anti-IF diploma, which he hangs proudly next to his "World's Best Conditional Programmer" coffee mug, now retired to the back of his cupboard.

Joe never looked at an if statement the same way again. And neither will you, after this workshop.

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Pong Unchained isn't just about building a game; it's about reimagining game development. You'll build the classic Pong game, while mastering techniques that eliminate the use of conditional statements, making your code cleaner, more robust, and highly adaptable.