Programming with Francesco

Anti-IF Mentorship Program

Join our mentorship program and benefit from Francesco Cirillo's years of dedication, insights, and passion. Dive deep into Francesco's projects, collaborate closely with him, and transform more than just your code.


Francesco Cirillo

Half-Day Session

$50/hour (4 hours total)

4-hour session: $200 total, to be used within 30 days of purchase - live online stream.

Tailor-made for ongoing support on Francesco’s projects, with the flexibility to book as many sessions as needed.

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Intensive 30-Day Package

$45/hour (16 hours total)

Four 4-hour sessions: $720 total, to be used within 30 days of purchase - live online stream.

Ideal for engaging deeply with Francesco's projects, providing structured support for semi-autonomous involvement.

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Power-Pack 30-Day Package

$37.50/hour (32 hours total)

Eight 4-hour sessions: $1,200 total, to be used within 30 days of purchase - live online stream.

Perfect for those committed to significantly advancing Francesco’s projects or mastering complex programming challenges through intensive, guided sessions.

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Journey Deeper into Software Design with the Pioneer Himself


Embark on a transformative programming odyssey with Francesco Cirillo. Whether you're keen to inject new life into software design or optimize an existing codebase, Francesco's deep-rooted expertise in the Anti-IF philosophy will light your way. Immerse yourself in a selection of his dynamic projects—ranging from developing engaging video games to enhancing the renowned Pomodoro Technique system. Each project offers a unique playground to apply and master Anti-IF principles across diverse programming languages like Python, Java, and JavaScript.

Are you entangled in Technical Debt, baffled by vague user stories, or overwhelmed by management challenges? The real battleground in software development is mastering the cost-of-change curve. It’s not sufficient to simply be Agile or maintain spotless code; projects falter without a deep understanding and adept management of this curve, turning stories into never-ending sagas.

As your Tech Coach, Francesco is poised to unveil innovative strategies to streamline software systems and infuse them with unmatched flexibility, readying them to pivot effortlessly with every new direction. Choose the project that most sparks your interest and dive deep into real-world applications. Under Francesco’s guidance, you will not only tackle the technical intricacies of software development but also become adept at navigating and flattening the cost-of-change curve.

Embrace the chance to work directly on projects curated by Francesco, each designed to challenge your skills and expand your understanding of effective software design. Through this hands-on approach, you’ll witness firsthand how theoretical concepts materialize into practical solutions that stand the test of time and change.

Coaching Activity

Together, you'll:

  • Work directly on Francesco’s projects, contributing to real-world applications.
  • Define tasks through business analysis, scenarios, use cases, and more.
  • Apply design principles and patterns.
  • Navigate system complexity.
  • Address change and unpredictability.
  • Tackle Technical Debt.


Post analysis, Francesco guides you in setting tangible improvement goals. You'll tackle the cost-of-change curve, discern effective abstractions, make informed design pattern choices, and systematically reduce system complexity. The result? Enhanced software design proficiency and heightened productivity.


Hands-on Learning

Work on Francesco’s real-world projects and see the principles of Anti-IF programming in action.

Personalised Guidance

Receive tailored advice from the founder of the Anti-IF philosophy, designed to cater to your skills and aspirations.

From the Source

Understand the core principles of Anti-IF programming directly from its creator. Interactive Learning: Dive into practical applications of Anti-IF principles that can reshape software design and implementation.

Exclusive One-on-One Sessions

Engage in regular mentorship sessions, diving into the intricacies of object-oriented design, refactoring, and beyond.

Code Reviews

Benefit from Francesco's perspective on your code, learning to refine your approach for more elegant, maintainable software.

Live Workshops

Participate in interactive workshops focusing on the real-world applications of the Anti-IF philosophy.

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Participants will actively engage in projects led by Francesco, enhancing both their theoretical knowledge and practical skills in software development.



Francesco Cirillo

Francesco’s journey in software spans over 30 years, influencing startups, corporates, and individual consultants.

A seasoned mentor, he has impacted countless professionals and teams. From his early days with Sun Microsystems to pioneering Agile Methods and creating XPLabs, Francesco's mark on the software industry is profound.

Notably, he's the creator of the groundbreaking Pomodoro Technique, a time management method embraced worldwide, as well as the visionary behind the Anti-IF Programming philosophy, challenging conventional coding practices.


Junaid Mohammed Raza

" We embarked on an enriching journey with an Electron Project written in Typescript. There were lots of preparation for this project. Our preparation spanned a spectrum of essential areas: delving into the intricacies of the JavaScript Object Model, establishing effective inter-process communication, navigating through different programming paradigms and their identification, how to seamlessly integrate into a framework that now bends to our control. This was facilitated by lots of refactoring and thoughtful design.
Focus management skills came to the forefront, learning how to to sift through non-essential elements in a professional context and instead concentrate on one’s objectives, thereby fostering expertise. This voyage also deepened my comprehension of technical debt, a lesson that will undoubtedly endure. I’ll try to write more in time to come. Working with, being coached and mentored by and being led by Francesco throughout this journey has been nothing short of incredible! "

Join the Mentorship Experience

Are you prepared to evolve your coding practices and dive deep into the world of Anti-IF programming?
Here's your chance to learn directly from its founder.

The Story Behind This Program

"Programming with Francesco" isn't just another mentoring program. It's a culmination of years of experience, insight, and passion. Join Francesco, delve into your projects, and experience a programming transformation that goes beyond code.

Francesco Cirillo

"Recently, I've mentored several teams and it always played out the same way: they diligently applied mainstream processes, tools, and practices - Agile, Jira, Continuous Delivery, you name it - yet deadlines kept slipping and 'never-ending user stories' became the norm. Even worse, the blame game was in full swing: the product team pointed fingers at the tech team, the tech team retaliated, and the management team blamed everyone.

It wasn't about the tools or processes they were using. It was the hidden monster - software complexity. Everyone overlooked the task of reducing the complexity of both the software system and the product's value system. As complexity spiraled, confusion and frustration set in among the product and software developers, leading to delusions: "Do we already have this feature?" the Product Developers would ask. "Our software is fine, change is our only problem," the developers would insist. All the while, the beast of complexity grew as they were mired in their Jira to-do lists, pointless remote meetings, and 'clean' silos driven code duplications.

They were so embroiled in the day-to-day grind that they lost sight of the big picture: dealing with change and fostering growth of their software and product value structure by curbing its complexity.

This was the spark for my programme. The goal for your team shouldn't be just to latch onto every new process, practice, or tool. It should be about continually reducing the complexity of your software system. And to achieve that, your team needs a self-tailored blend of process, tools, and practices that work for them, not just by the book. By doing this, you can adapt to changes and let your software grow sustainably, without fear, stress, waste, or delusions. And that is the beating heart behind my programme."


Originated by Francesco Cirillo in 2007, the Anti-IF Programming approach has transformed how many perceive IFs and conditionals in software design. At the heart of software design lies a simple yet potentially dangerous tool: the conditional 'IF' statement. Undeniably foundational, its use to handle changes in a growth context, dubbed the "IF Strategy", can be a silent saboteur, complicating code and tangling logic. The IF Strategy can lead to debugging problems, never-delivered user stories, technical debt, entangled design, frictions in the team and other inefficiencies. In essence, the IF Strategy can escalate costs and delay software delivery times while degrading internal quality.